Sunday, June 15, 2014

La Gata, The Mexicali Stud and The Man Who Loved The Open Road

June 15, 2014
   Today I'm thinking of the man who taught me to love the open road:

Allen P. Bell in front of his Mobiloil gas station in Peach Springs, Arizona, 1947.

   Happy Father's Day dad. Miss the hell out of you.

   Still cleaning, chucking and salvaging artwork in the garage. Here's five unfinished boards I salvaged over the weekend with some potential:

Unfinished boards: L to R: The Mexicali Stud, Wyatt Pulls Steel, Joquin Murietta, Doc and Wyatt at The O.K. Corral and Mickey Free Enters Janos.

   Also found an unfinished La Gata. My KSLX morning radio compadre, Jeanne Sedello, posed for this.

Even though it's dinged up and kind of pooky (see water damage along bottom), I emailed Jeanner and asked if she wanted it anyway. Here is her reply:

Hell YEAH! I'll take it if you're offering!!! What do you mean you almost chucked it...that's priceless!!! But wait a minute...what kind of crap does it have on it....crap literally? I don't care...I'll take it....although I don't think I ever looked like that. Luv u brother and every time I hear an appropriate song for your services....I make a mental note. By the time you'll have a full on concert:)
—Jeanne Sedello
   The last time we got together I jokingly asked Jeanne to do the playlist at my funeral and she took it seriously. The funny thing is, I wish I could be around to hear it. I know it will be great.

"How many performance artists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"

"I don't know. I left early."
—Old Performance Artist Joke