Monday, June 02, 2014

When A Picture Is Worth $96,000

June 2, 2014
   Found a long lost photograph in the garage over the weekend. This picture was taken when Bob McCubbin and I bought True West magazine. After our negotiations we stepped outside for a photograph and a handshake between the two current owners of True West and the two new owners (actually three, Rick Baish was not in attendance).

October 16, 1999: The two Steves (Steve Cundiff and Steve Gragert) shake with the two Bobs over a framed, first issue of True West

   And here's my blog post about the photo:

October 15, 1999
   Flew to Tulsa. Got to Stillwater at two, four their time. Bob McCubbin was waiting and we took off and got there and met Carole at hotel [who had flown over earlier and was learning the ropes]. Then walked over to Mexican Joe's for dinner and had a large pitcher of margaritas and then the worst Mexican food I have ever had in my life. Really awful. We then went to the TW office and looked at Dan's new cover logo and laid it in. We finished the January issue (we just had four pages that were ours).

 The next day we finalized negotiations, shook hands and had a photo taken. As we pulled away from the meeting in our rental car, Bob, who is driving, yells out, "Oh, my God! What have we done?"

"Don't buy yourself a job."
—golden advice I didn't take from a good friend