Monday, June 23, 2014

ZZ Top Encounter

June 23, 2014

   Still cleaning and sorting in the garage and finding all sorts of stuff, like this:

The Razz Band: Jack Alvis, BBB, Hans Olson and another git-picker I don't recognize, but I think he owned the car. Must be early 1980s

   Meanwhile, around this same time I met this bearded guy at the Phoenix Coliseum and treated him to breakfast at the Nogales Cafe in downtown Phoenix:

Billy Gibbons and BBB at the Nogales Cafe and on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor, 1982

   That's Billy with his girlfriend in top photo as the limo idles in the neighborhood known as the  Deuce (Billy's limo driver, Steven Zea, was concerned about going down there but we went anyway). Middle pic is BBB, Billy and Steven Zea, and then Kathy and I with Mr. Gibbons. Kathy was pregnant with Thomas Charles at the time. Here's a closer look:

Billy, Kathy (T. Charles) and BBB in front of the ZZ-Plane (you can see the high rises of downtown Phoenix in background, on right).

   Around this time I did a couple cartoons about ZZ-Top for New Times Weekly:

Billy Gibbons Looking for some tush

   And I also did a feature on what certain rock stars would look like in an NFL ad. . .

ZZ-Top With Legs

"I gotsta get paid."
—ZZ Top, La Futura