Saturday, June 28, 2014

What Deena Had For Dinner on March 28, 2004

june 28, 2014
   Yesterday Ken and I worked on The 66 Kid video, placing coverage in The Great American Road Trip section and we also tweaked the opening. At four, Kathy and I drove down into Scottsdale so I could pick up a conversion of family footage for the opening.

   Believe it or not I have 16 mm color, film footage of my grandfather, Bob Guess, at a branding on the Neal Ranch in 1939! I kid you not. A friend of my mother's, Wally Tintsman, had a 16mm movie camera and he shot a variety of scenes around Kingman (a house burns on Jefferson Street on Hilltop and the volunteer fire department battles the blaze with a wimpy hose and the entire house goes down).

   I had a VCR tape of that footage transferred to DVD so we can scrape it and get footage for the video. Crazy all the hoops we have to jump through to get to the proper platform these days. Wish I had the original 16mm film, but I don't know where Wally and Shirley Tintsman ended up. I believe Wally passed some years ago. He also had original Tom Mix films and one night in the seventies we went over to his house in Glendale and watched about five of them.

   Got up early again and after my walk, watered my wilting plants:

Got some little cacti growing in front yard and wanted to document how small they are at this point. Speaking of documenting, I was searching for something online and stumbled across this entry:

March 28, 2004 
The Alamo finally premiered last night in San Antonio. I wonder how that went? On a related note, I finally saw The Missing last night on DVD. Kathy and I made a meandering car trip into Phoenix late yesterday afternoon. Ended up at Taco Villa on West Camelback and had the barbacoa (bar-b-qued goat head, a la Mexico City style) and a margarita ($32 plus $10 tip).

Stopped by Deena's hotel in Scottsdale and gave her a bean burro enchilada style from Taco Villa, and then stopped at Blockbuster in Carefree and rented The Missing and I picked up Son of the Morning Star to study for the Custer article.

   End of blog entry. The Alamo tanked big time and so did The Missing. Blockbuster is long gone and Deena works and lives in Pasadena today and looks back on her front desk job at the Doubletree with some amusement.

"The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there."
—Old Vaquero Saying