Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bobbing for Bobby Cakes

October 24, 2015
   Got the babysitting assignment last week and dropped everything to head for Pasadena to hang out with this guy.

"Broccoli. Again? Seriously?"

   This morning we went to a Halloween Festival and Weston got to bob for apples with a babe, okay, a classmate of his, but she was a little princess babe.

Weston Bobbing for Apples With A Princess Babe

They also had these nifty little apple peelers and Weston dug that more than anything else:

The Apple Peelers

If he looks like he has a mustache, this is because we tried to dress him as a cowboy with a mustache, but he was having none of that. In fact, we were lucky to get pants on him.

"Why is that Baby Boomer so angry?"

"When one teaches, two learn."
—Robert Anson Heinlein

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