Monday, October 19, 2015

Close Encounters of The Kid Kind

October 19, 2015
   Ever sit around and wonder if the Billy the Kid Bermuda Triangle actually exists and is it still sucking us all into its vortex?

Daily Whip Out: "Billy Just Keeps On Riding"

   I must say that Kid has certainly turned my world upside down. I can't go into that triangle without something strange happening.

 Daily Whip Out: "Close Encounters of The Kid Kind."

   Watched the Nat Geo show on the croquet photo and actually enjoyed parts of it. I thought the re-enactment of the photo, moving back and forth from color to sepia, complete with movement, was impressive. And it does look more than a little bit like the Kid.

   My gut tells me it's not New Mexico, but that's just my eye.

   The costuming was excellent, best Billy-stoved-in-hat yet.

   Of course, I have issues with some of the history re-enactments, especially the killing of Tunstall, which was embarrassingly wrong.

   I heard through the grapevine that they already have two buyers interested (and neither is Bill Koch). I have asked the producer to write up his defense of the photo and we will do a point-counterpoint on this so readers can decide for themselves, once and for all,who to believe.

"History is a cruel trick played on the dead by the living."
—Old Vaquero Saying


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought on the new photo Bob. I am certain that you are going to come around and believe this new photo is authentic. I really wanted to debunk this photo myself but in the process I realized it was impossible since it was the real deal. If you were standing in the spot the photo was taken at the old Tunstall Ranch you would be overcome with emotion as Randy was when he saw with his own eyes that this was the place. Debates are a great format for sharing the informed opinions, arguments, and evidence of both sides to inform an audience and determine the truth. Take the white oak trees for example. We know that white oak trees grew in Lincoln County, They did name it White Oaks New Mexico for a reason. They found gold and coal in the area and the settlers cut most of the trees down. Pat Garrett had to leave Lincoln to find lumber to build The Kids gallows. Billy had many portraits taken while he was alive. The main purpose was to give the photos to his girlfriends and friends. Henry never had children or a family to collect his images for him. Authentic images of Billy survive today because he became famous and owners of his photos valued them into the 20th century. Time passed, new generations still own the photos but have less understanding of them. People die, property is auctioned they end up all over the place. The famous tintype of Billy was chosen at the time for printing and illustrations for a reason. It was authentic, and it gave him the appearance of a disheveled well armed villain. Yes history is a cruel trick played on the dead by the living.We should take the example made by Randy and Linda Guijarro. Let's treat Billy with respect like family and find, collect, and identify the surviving images of him. We have the technology and know-how to achieve this goal. If the same people who rejected the new photo's authenticity don't have this goal. They are more concerned about rules and attitudes that protect from fraud than understanding history. The crisis is not that a new photo can be found, it

  2. The crisis is not that a new photo can be found, it is that pictures of Billy exist and they are not being properly cared for and preserved by this generation.


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