Friday, March 04, 2016

Apache Medicine Man & Not Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

March 4, 2016
   I was culling my dog pile this morning and found an Apache medicine man that I felt needed a little tweak, or two, especially on the interior smoke, since he's preaching invincibility. Spitting up bullets was a favorite trick, as if the bullets fired at him could not harm him. 

Daily Whip Out: "San Carlos Medicine Man"

   Speaking of not letting sleeping dogs lie, I started to file another "finished" painting, or, more accurately, put the painting where Curator Cal could file it, when I thought it also needed some work So, I tried to bring out the Kid's face a bit more, without going too far (always a tricky dilemma).

Daily Whip Out: "Bring Me The Head of The Apache Kid, 2.50"

"Better is the enemy of good, as in, I think I can make this better."
—Old ADD Artist

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