Friday, March 04, 2016

The Stitchers Kept Me In Stitches

March 4, 2016
   Spent most of the day yesterday, down at Cattle Track, as Mark McDowell and Brent Bond put everyone through their paces to get the "Vincent van Gunfighter" book finished in time for tomorrow's show. Here is the scene in the front room of the gallery, where four volunteer stitchers were hand sewing the binding in 100 books.

Slave driver with an imaginary whip pretending to switch the stitchers who kept me in stitches.

   They are Ace Bailey, Chance Phillips, Mary Corcoran and Dixie Guerrero (Pedro's wife). Great gals and, as I mentioned they were not getting paid, they just love art and getting together, so it had a sewing circle vibe. I think Brent ended up comping them an artist proof copy of the book. Me, I signed my name 600 times: something I'm getting pretty damn good at. There are four art prints in the back of each hand-made book, so that's 400 signatures, then 100 books to be signed and then all the artist proofs and printers proofs. It was fun. It's been a great project.

   Mark also helped me hang the show. 39 framed pieces of art. Here are my notes on what I'm charging for each piece:

Cattle Track Art Show Price List

Daily Whip Out: "Vincent's Pipe Dream"

The original is in the show and is priced at $750. Such a deal.

"If collecting is a disease I am a carrier."
—Old Artist Saying

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