Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jake The Snake & The Bishop Mule Days Parade

May 27, 2017
   Today was the big parade at the Bishop Mule Days where I was honored to be the grand marshal. I was thrilled.

The 2017 Bishop Mule Days Grand Marshal

Others were not so thrilled:

Mule Disdain

   The mule I was riding came from Lee and Jennifer Roeser and their McGee Creek Pack Station ranch. Fortunately, I had a great backup crew.

Jake The Snake and his handlers, Will and Larry

   Fortunately for me, Jake was bombproof. When I asked his handler, Larry, above, if there was anything I should watch out for, he said, "Just don't let him eat." This turned out to be good advice. Jake handled like a dream and the only resistance he gave me was when we rode over a few random potholes on Main Street and he wanted to arc his head down to see if there was a blade of grass for the taking.

BBB plow reining to keep Jake's head up.

Cruising Main Street With Jake The Snake

   The streets were packed and a later announcement said the crowd was over 35,000, which is pretty impressive in a town of 4,500 people.

   The parade ended at the fairgrounds where a large crowd cheered when I was presented a sweet belt buckle.

A giant of a man presents me with a custom Mule Days belt buckle in the arena.

Elvis and The Village People do "YMCA" much to my mule's disgust

"You've got to be kidding me?"

   It's interesting being around so many mules in one place. For one thing, we are staying on the fairgrounds in Ken's RV so this morning at about five, many of the mules started braying to be fed and it was a chorus of very diverse honks and hacks.

Mules Galore at the Bishop Fairgrounds

   All these mules have a calm sense about them. They seem sensitive and intelligent. I really like  and admire them. On the other hand:

"The horse is a noble animal who performs his service with grace. A mule will wait his whole life for the opportunity to kill a man"
—J.P.S. Brown


  1. "Cowboy" Bob on a mule ...

    To Cool.

  2. Muls days is alwys a hoot !! Good to see ya out front.

  3. "Giant of a man" don't half describe it - dayum!!


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