Thursday, May 04, 2017

Rock And Roll And Profound A-Holes

May 4, 3017
   I've met a few rock stars in my day, including Alice Cooper, Billy Gibbons of ZZ-Top, Glen Frey of the Eagles, one of the guys in Chicago and the manager of Spirit. A couple of the guys, above, were super nice, but I have to say I agree with this assessment:

". . .rock and roll is contingent upon a certain degree of danger and recklessness, and thereby a little monstrousness is somehow expected, shrugged away, nudged offscreen. It’s hard to outrun this fantasy. My record collection is overflowing with degenerates, pederasts, convicted murderers, probable rapists, and hundreds if not thousands of profound assholes. I suspect anyone who has ever owned or operated a stereo has made a similar series of queasy compromises."

From the New Yorker, of course.

Daily Whip Out: "You Talkin' to Me Like You Know Me?"


  1. I'm going to be running a spotlight this Sunday (and loading out the band) for Styx...which has a group of musicians that went to a rival high school in Chicago and they used to play at our local dances in the early 1970's (under the name TW-4) It will be good to see them again after so many years.

  2. Sat with Billy Gibbons for a while back in the Austin days ... it was an outdoor concert with Waylon and some others at a horse track outside Austin. He was "incognito" because they weren't supposed to go out much in those days .. He was friends with my roommate and used to send us stuff. So years later when i gave my sons my ZZ Top belt buckles Coleman asked "Dad, where did you get these?" and I was able to say "Where do you think?"


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