Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Goose Is Loose: Mojave Woman With The Blue Arms

May 25, 2017
   Noodling more Olive Oatman images of her as a full-fledged Mojave woman. In addition to her chin tattoos, she also reportedly had a blue line coming down each arm. 

Daily Whip Out: 'The Mojave Woman With The Blue Arms"

   I was tempted to put "The Mojave Woman With The Blue Racing Stripes" but that seemed a bit of a reach.

The Goose Is Loose
   Since I spent time last week with Master Artist Weston Allen Borscheller, I have made a vow to be more loose and brave. Here are a couple Lucy Goosy examples:

Daily Whip Out: "Two Kids For Every Mojave Girl"

Daily Whip Out: "Topock Birth Canal"

Daily Whip Out: "Macho Mojave"

   I am reading Whipple's Report (1853) and he writes in his journal about meeting Mojave warriors with their faces blackened and a red stripe down the nose and middle of the face. He also mentions multiple red stripes. This must have scared more than a few anglo settlers back in the day.

Daily Whip Out: "Red Striped Macho Mojave"

"There ain't nothin' in the world like a big-eyed girl, make me act so funny, make me spend my money, make me feel real loose, like a long-necked goose, oh baby, that's what I like!"
Chantilly Lace (1958), The Big Bopper

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