Sunday, February 25, 2018

All Things Must Go & Ultimately All Things Must Pass Go

February 25, 2018
   I've heard this one all of my life: one man's treasure is another man's trash. Well, what happens when the former gravitates to the latter? I'm beginning to realize, if we live long enough we see virtually every treasure we own, turn to trash. 

   Case in point: we steam cleaned the garage on Friday, after moving all of our—okay, mostly my—accumulated "treasures" (30 years worth!) out onto the driveway.

The Steam Punks Blast Out All The Pack Rat Deposits

   There are many treasures in this humble garage:

The Coffee Pot Cafe on East McDowell in Phoenix

   And old newspapers, featuring my editorial cartoonist hero:

Reg Manning's "The Big Parade" Babe
Arizona Republic, 1947

   And, I have collected numerous old newspaper, comic strip pages:

A Page of Comic Strips, 1947

   And a few hilarious, little treasures showed up, stuck between something else:

Parking Postcard Art by Carol Bouman, 1975

   I love maps, so lots of old maps, like this one:

County Map of Utah and Nevada

   So, why did I buy and save this particular map? Look closely, at middle bottom:

Virgin City, Utah! Yes!

   Most shocking, to me, is all the photographic equipment that I meticulously saved, and for which, I have zero use for today:

Here's at least $2,500 worth of outdated
camera equipment, including video!

   Not to mention a ton of my art work, including this decent, framed painting of the young Wyatt Earp who was tasked by his father, "Captain" Earp, with providing game on their westward journey from Iowa to California in 1864.

"The Young Hunter Wyatt Earp, 1864"

   The sobering upshot of all this is I need to have a digital yard sale and get rid of most of this. Let me know if you see anything you want in the next several days (it may take me a month to clear this out).

"Across the street from the Texaco is a neon sign, saying 'We Buy Gold," it don't matter if the goods are hot, if their yours or not. . .buy a cheap gold necklace with a stranger's name. . .at the Pawn Shop. . ." 
—Brothers Osborne, "Pawn Shop"


  1. I'm going to be in Cave Creek in mid-May so save some for me ! I'll let you know if I see something I like in your posts. OMG, I love Garage Sales !!

  2. Our HAM radio club is discovering that it's much better to take old technical stuff (radios, tuners, power supplies, antennas,etc.) to the dump. Nobody really wants to buy this stuff, and if they do, they'll come back to you, demanding their money back because the damned thing doesn't work.

  3. Any takers for the young Wyatt? It's pretty danged good..


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