Monday, February 12, 2018

Hans Olson And The Standing O at Fountain Hills

February 12, 2018
   My good friend Carole Compton Glenn knows how much I dig great hats, so she stopped in Rio Verde on her drive home to Fountain Hills from the True West World Headquarters to take this great photo of a landscaper and his magnificent sugarloaf sombrero. 

AY Yi Yi, do I ever dig this look. Muy magnifico!

    Of course, I have been known to sport a wide brim myself:

The Razz Band, circa 1986

   That's Jack Alves, at left, BBB, Hans Olson and Rick Unger (from Cosmo Topper fame). Hans, is by far, the best stylist I have ever had the pleasure of performing with. Besides his own original tunes, he's just amazing at taking someone else's tune and making it his own.

  And so last Friday I motored out to Fountain Hills to see my old friend Hans Olson perform at the Community Center. Thanks to Carole Glenn and Allen Fossenkemper, he had a full house and True West sponsored the event.

Hans had a full house at the Community Center

Hans Olson singing the song he sang for Kathy and I
on July 28, 1979.

Hans gets the standing O

The name of the song is "Arizona—What Are You Doin' Tonight." Chokes me up whenever I hear it: a.) because it's a damn, beautiful tune, and b.) it reminds me of this:

July 28, 1979, Pioneer, Arizona

"The bride who takes a man for better or worse often finds him much worse than she took him for."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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