Saturday, February 10, 2018

Big Time In Wickenburg at the Gold Rush Days Parade

February 10, 2018
   Had a blast at the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days Parade this morning. Big crowds, big horses and one savvy wagon boss:

The Big Boys Make The Turn

   Those big Percherons are actually females and the one on the left, Lucy, was a handful. She kept wanting to go sideways, or bust loose, and I must give a shoutout to our wagon boss, John Augustine, for keeping them both in line.

The True West Wagon Rolls On

“What happened was, they put me and my co-marshal, author Ridley Pearson, into an antique fire truck along with Daisy Duck and Clarabelle the Cow. I have nothing against either of these veteran Disney characters, but let's be honest, their careers are not currently sizzling, especially in the case of Clarabelle, who hasn't had a hit cartoon since roughly the Civil War.” 
― Dave Barry

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