Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Ross Rant

February 13, 2018
   I know a couple ranters and as long as they are not talking about me, or to me, I love it when they go off. Professor Paul Hutton is an excellent ranter and when he goes off, he really goes off. We're talking foam-at-the-mouth ranting. One time we were driving back from Tombstone and he started off on someone who had crossed him in academia and I thought he just might kick out the windshield.

   Ironically, a good friend of Hutton's is also a terrific ranter. Two weeks ago I merely asked him to go see the new Western "Hostiles" and give me a comment, and, here, is just a snippet of what he sent me:

"Thank god the white guy and the white BLONDE woman survived....along with the little Indian boy with the perfectly braided hair who probably wound up being a crack-head on the Crow rez." 

Ranting Ross On The Crow Res

For the full dose of the Ross Rant go here:

Ross Rant

"Also, the pretentious music kept reminding me that this movie was 'heavy' otherwise I would have thought it was a Monty Python skit."

—Artist Thom Ross

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