Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Billy the Kid Edition of the BBB Digital Yard Sale

February 27, 2018
   Got a request to show some Billy the Kid images. Found this in the garage refuse bins this morning:

"Buckshot Roberts Sights Brewer"
Original: $150

I have taken a few runs at Billy being fun:

"Billy As I Want Him to Be"
Print: $50

"Billy at Sunset"
Print: $50

It's hard to remember how many times I've tried to capture the Kid's visage but it surely must be the high hundreds:

"Billy Boy"
Chine Collet: $175

I was intrigued by the fact that one of the guys who rode with Billy the Kid lived long enough to witness the light from the first atomic blast at the Trinity Site, just over the mountains to the west of Lincoln, New Mexico:

"Billy Da Bomb"
Print: "$50

"Billy Keeps On Riding"
Original $150

I have also tried hard to capture the real kid in the Kid:

"Billy & His Pards In Silver City"
Print: $125

On this next one, I was apparently channeling Pernell Roberts:

"Billy In Dust"
Print: "$125

And this one I just could not resist:

"Billy's Sticky Wicket"
Print: $100

"Just what the world needs: another book on Billy the Kid."
—Reader for the University of Arizona Press on my returned proposal, 1991


  1. BBB: I should not have said anything, you're now torturing me beyond belief.

    My "BBB Wall" of your artwork - for whatever reason - portrays the story of April 1, 1878 with two of your originals: from your first addition of Life and Times of Billy the Kid, "Armed and Impotent" page 42, and page 63 of the revised edition, Brady and Hindman dying in the street.

    So with that said, I'm wondering if the piece, "Hello Bob", page 93 of the first edition, and page 156 of the revised edition is available?

    Regarding these garage sale pieces, "Roberts Sights Brewer" would continue the story of the Regulators on my "BBB Wall". Or, I might change it up and go with "Billy da Bomb".

    Not sure which, just yet. How do we proceed, Mr. Bell?


    1. We proceed by the process of elimination. I doubt that "Hello Bob" is still here in my studio (I will have my curator check on it, just to be safe). I do know "Billy Da Bom" and "Roberts Sights Brewer" are in the house. Better a bird in the hand? I'll give you a break on the two, if that will help.

  2. Hey, BBB, is the "Billy Boy" chine colle still available? If so, pencil me in. Thx.

    1. Conrad, I sold "Billy Boy" chine colle, but I found another one of the same theme. Do you want it? It's $175, includes shipping. Reply to me at bozebell@twmag.com

  3. Sure would. What are we looking at? Thanks.


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