Monday, May 20, 2019

Casper Babypants, Honkytonk Frances & The Uber Lecrae History Lover

May 20, 2019
   In Seattle for a birthday party.

Honkytonk Frances

   She's two. And she knows it. Meanwhile. . .

The Chess Champion

    He's almost six and he handily beats grandpa (check out the board, Grandpa Ha ha in black).

   We watched the finale of "The Game of Thrones" last night. A full report later.

   Took off for home this morning.

The Uber Wavers including a couple fans of Casper Babypants

   I'll explain the Casper Babypants connection in another post, but I must say I enjoy traveling because it exposes me to music I would never hear. Our Uber driver to the airport is a fan of Lecrae and he had it blastin' in his Kia, so I sat up front with him to find out why and I didn't have to wait long for the answer.

"Yeah, it's all fact no fiction
It's my interpretation
You wanna know how it went down?
I'll tell you"


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