Thursday, September 12, 2019

Geronimo From All Angles

September 12, 2019
   Going to beat the band today on the book. Making headway.

   Cleaning yesterday, look what I found:

Living Room Flashback

  A promo shot for a certain realtor. The dog's name was Dusty, the jackalope is gone (bugs got inside), I see two Ed Mells and an Edward Curtis, and those are John Weinkauf custom-made boots on the realtor and if you look close you'll see a pink bottle up on the left-hand corner of the fireplace which is from Wyatt Earp's campsite, but don't tell anyone.

   As I keep doing research on the Apaches, one guy sure stands tall and that's this individual:

Alchesay, White Mountain Apache

   He has a high school named for him and rightly so. Look for a big cover story on him by Dr. John Langellier, in an upcoming issue of True West. Alchesay has so much credibility as opposed to say, I don't know. . .this guy?

Daily Flashback Whip Out:
"Geronimo at Embudos"

   However, when it comes to popular culture, no one can top the G-Man in terms of world wide recognition.

Geronimo Italian Comic

Okay, if you think I am being too hard on the G-Man, here's a more sympathetic take on him.

Daily Whip Out: "Geronimo From The Side"

"The Apache Indian language is the hardest to learn but young Wratten exceptionally learned and understood the language in such a short time and as far as we know there isn’t another white man who can speak the Apache language as freely as George M. Wratten.”
—Jason Betzinez

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