Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Somehow Lost In Translation

September 3, 2019
   Okay, back to the book project.

Dahtestea, Apache Woman

Somehow Lost In Translation

   The late Lutheran Pastor Arthur Alchesay Guenther spent his life on the White Mountain Apache Reservation and he told me about one of his favorite, but odd, Apache sayings: "You know you're just somehow to me." Pastor Guenther explained to me that in the Apache language, sometimes there is no word for a feeling and it may be beyond the vocabulary of an Apache, so it is much easier to say "somehow" in Apache (how-shi-un-shteh) which is a more simple way than trying to describe it. The Apache translation is: "You are treating me different from how you normally treat me, and I don't like it!" Another way of saying this is, "He made me feel some way." Somehow it all works.


Thanks to extra reporting by Virgil Alexander and John Wice

"Simple is not easy."
—Wayne Kramer

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