Sunday, May 03, 2020

Cross Dressing In The Old West

May 3, 2020
   Over the last two decades I have learned that if there is one thing that will get our readers' panties in a wad, it's anything to do with sexual mores, or, heaven forbid, sex itself.

  That said, what do you think about this photograph from Garrett Roberts that appears to be from the 1850s or early 60s?

Male or Female?

   Lot's of viewers see a young woman dressed as a man. The hand colored rouge on the cheeks doesn't help. It also could be a theatrical photo, where women sometimes played men on the stage. Others are adamant it's a guy:

  "Definitely a young man. A woman would never be taken a photo of in men's clothing and only a whore would smoke a cigar. Remember this is the moral code of the times, and it was against the law in most states to dress as a man."

Call Me Old Fashioned, But. . .

   I believe people who wear socks with sandals are more likely to harbor fugitives.

   I believe in opening doors for women, especially if they're holding packages addressed to me.

   I believe old classmates who parade around town with placards that say "This is a dry run for Communism" don't really know much about dry runs.

   I believe I got out of the Boy Scouts just in time.

   I believe I've just about had it with staying at home.

"I'm lucky to be living in  semi-rural Corrales, New Mexico. From my back door it's a short walk to an irrigation ditch that I can walk along to the Rio Grande. Today, it's windier than a tall-tale convention, but I'm going to take my Jack on the rocks out into my yard and watch the young leaves on the cottonwood trees rattle."
—Ollie Reed

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