Thursday, May 28, 2020

My Son, The Straddler

May 28, 2020
   When you are the parent of wild children, you invariably have two fall back positions: the first being, you are always super appreciative of the fact that they are not in jail (at this specific point in time), and two, you are thrilled when they finally take up the family business.

The Straddler
    Great shot of my crazy son doing a crazy stunt.

   Thomas Charles Bell straddling a chasm at Canyon de Chelly many moons ago. That is a 1,000 foot drop between his legs. After this photo was taken, the boy spent some quality time in Spain (University of Valencia) and in Yanqui, Peru (Peace Corp) so he speaks Spanish fluently. He even speaks Qeuchua, a rare Peruvian In-din dialect.

   Now he is starting to write stories and he has a unique perspective on the cultural chasm between South America and North America, and he is also adept at straddling the sometimes contentious line between Mexican culture and American culture.

   And, of course, he is my son, so he has a pretty strong funny bone. So watch out world, for the Straddler.

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."
—Victor Hugo

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