Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Two Months Worth of Pandemic Facial Hair And Pendejo Apparition

May 13, 2020
   It was two months ago today we went on full quarantine. Kathy and I went up to Bashas' grocery store in Carefree this morning. They have a special senior hour between five and six A.M. for old people to shop safely during the pandemic. A security woman met us at the door and I said, "I suppose you want to card me to make sure I'm old enough to get in," to which she said, "You do look pretty young," which is a nice way of saying, "Get your ass in here and quit hassling me you old geezer."

      And speaking of Geezer-ness, someone asked how my pandemic beard is coming along.

Daily Grow Out: "Eight Week Itch"

   Meanwhile, we have had seven Zoom calls and here's what the one yesterday looked like:

Carole Glenn On Staff Meeting Zoom Call

   We're actually on Slack, but Zoom has become the word to describe the work from home conference call.

Border Crossing
   He's coming across the border. Can you see him? 

Daily Whip Out:
"Pendejo Apparition Number One"

"Pendejo Apparition Number Two"

"We're making the airplane while it's flying."
—Bill Irwin, on his new lockdown show, "In-Zoom"

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