Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day to All You Mothers

May 10, 2020
   Well, it's that day. Here you go:

Three Mothers:
Bobbi Bell, Kathy Radina and Betty Radina

   Love them all madly. And here are two of them from another time and place.

The Radina Clan, 1963:
L to R: Debbie, Betty, Brad, Earl, Kathy
and Don

   And, so today, I made breakfast for the mother of my children.

Mother's Day Huevos Rancheros

   Yes, that is Hatch green chiles, and yes, that is a photograph of Thomas Charles graduating from NAU and that is his grandmother, Betty Radina, giving him a big, fat hug and that is his sister, Deena C. rooting them on.

   Meanwhile, I've got a certain pendejo on my mind.

Daily Whip Out: "El Pendejo Takes A Stroll"

"I've got to be a court jester, but a court jester's got to make sure that he doesn't get executed as well. I've got to make all the peasants laugh at the king,  BUT the king's sort of got to like it."
—Ricky Gervais, on his second season of "After Life"

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