Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Sombrero Love And Back Off Pilgrim! Facemasks

May 6, 2020
   If you know me at all, you know I love an authentic sugarloaf sombrero. I am not alone. Today, these beauties sell for around $900 to $1,500 based on condition and market issues.

Rurales Wearing
The Classic Sugarloaf

   Thanks to Richard Sobiski for sending me this old Calvin & Hobbs cartoon which pretty much sums up the whole shebang when it comes to North Americans and sombreros.


    And thanks to Samuel K. Dolan for posting this classic, staged shot of a gaggle of sugarloafs.

Mexican Revolutionary Soldados Playing Dead and pretending to shoot over a wall.

   Two things: some of my friends have noted that this headgear would make an ideal target on a battlefield, and that tall crown, no doubt did, and, why is that guy on the far right shooting at the ankle of the guy in front of him? Snake? Tired forearm?

   Meanwhile, my friend Danny Koskuba sent me a really great little booklet that has the English translation to most of the old school corridos, which are Mexican folk songs about bandits and maidens. I started going through it this morning to find phrases and descriptions I can use for my Pendejo project.

Corridos Mexicanos

   Great stuff. The corrido tradition continues to this day, although now they sing about narco-cartel-outlaws which doesn't appeal to me but then if I was alive back then—1910-1920—I probably wouldn't appreciate the outlaws in those days either. 

   And, so it goes.

Pendejos de Pandemic
   Speaking of pendejos and pandemics, Kathy and I drove into Scottsdale and Phoenix yesterday to drop off our taxes and I needed art supplies. Have you noticed how hostile some of our neighbors are getting about wearing masks? Especially guys my age. Ha. If you are one of those guys, here is a face mask for YOU.

"Arizona was the unwanted stepchild of the territories, and remains a weird place to this day. But there are places where the beauty is so breathtaking, you know there's a God, and She loves Arizona."
—Jana Bommersbach, in an upcoming What History Has Taught Me

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