Saturday, May 16, 2020

The End of The Pandemic Formal Portrait

May 16, 2020
   Last night at midnight, the governor of Arizona's officially mandated stay-at-home order expired. I swore I would not shave until this was over, and while history warns us there will be two more spikes, with the upcoming spike—probably in the fall—being the worst, I have honored my "official" commitment and intend to shave off this itchy symbol today.

   So this morning, I asked my long suffering, live-in photographer, to take a photo of me to commemorate my pandemic facial hairs.

The official BBB Commemorative Pandemic Photo by Kathy Radina

   While so much of our lives are now viewed from the waist up, Zoom meetings for example, Kathy insisted on capturing my entire pandemic outfit.

Not-so-formal, not-so-Western,
 from the waist down.

   And, just for grins, I asked Kathy to take this insurance shot, with a different hat.

"Wait for me, Wild Bill!"

   Some of my friends, okay, one loud mouth in particular, insists I actually look like a certain old time sidekick. Well, do I?

Gabby Hayes

"Nice try, but Gabby was better looking."
—John A. Aragon

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  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    With the shorts you look like the UPS MAN.


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