Tuesday, March 29, 2022

A Cave Creek Storm Rolls In, Will Smith Storms The Stage

 Marsh 29, 2022

   Storm moved in last night. Rained off an on all night. At sunset, I sat outside and watched the clouds roll in with this guy.

The Lounger

   We both love this weather. Here is the same scene we were gazing at this morning with the clouds still rolling in.

Storm clouds over Ratcliff Ridge

   All that beautiful yellow is the dreaded Globe Chamomile that is such a fire hazard. We just paid to have a fire break weed whacked around our house.

Fingers of Doom Storm

Over The Seven Sisters

  Took this photo on my morning walk up Old Stage Road. Looked pretty ominous, so Uno and I cut the walk short and came home. So far, we haven't get much rain out of it. A few sprinkles. Okay, now we got a low, rumbling thunder. We shall see.

My Take On The Chris Rock Slap

   Welcome to Social Media. Someone who does not understand humor will contact you shortly.

"That violent outburst was the worst thing Will Smith has ever done. Wait, I forgot about 'Wild, Wild West.'"

—Stephen Colbert

A Bonus Colbert Take

"It's never okay to punch a comedian. Will Smith was offended by the joke and wanted to stand up for his wife—fine. Challenge Chris to a duel or—if you really want to hurt a comedian—don't laugh. That hurts way more than a punch."

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  1. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Barely a drop in the 'Burg, Bob. A bit jealous.

    Met a man, name of Lee Johnson, when first here, said he hadn't see it rain for eight years.

    When the skies did open and the rains fell, he said he had to "look it up in the dictionary" just to figure out what it was.


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