Tuesday, March 01, 2022

The White Sock Tribe Where The Socks Match The Rocks

 March 1, 2022

   I realized today, there is no going back. Kathy asked me to make a pile of white laundry for her to put in the washing machine, so I grabbed all the whites from the laundry basket, when I realized it was 99% my socks.

White Sock Nation

   These guys are from my tribe and I'm always going to be a white sock guy. So sue me.

BBB at Zabriski Point

   When I was a teenager, old geezers from back east (mostly New Jersey) wore black socks with shorts and I used to laugh at them and I swore I would never be that guy. Today, fashion has reversed itself, and, tragically, only old guys now wear white socks with shorts, but it's too late for me. I just can't shake the stigma I learned as a young buck.

"Where the socks match the rocks."

—Deena Bean mocking the above photo of her father

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  1. C'mon triple B at least where the shorter white socks that are brely visible.

    David Mills
    True West maniac 1985


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