Sunday, March 20, 2022

Notes On The Graveyard Shift

 March 20, 2022

   Got an anniversary coming up in two days, and yes, it involves the classic, surf tune "Wipeout." How I got an extra 14 years on the planet (I know, counting my chickens before they hatch!) is beyond my skill set.

   And, speaking of limited skill sets, I am still holding out on finding a new and better trade route to producing better artwork. One of the ways I seek this out, is to go at it from another direction. For one thing, I'm always going on about the "Old Vaqueros" and, just for grins, I thought I'd feature a different age group. 

Daily Whip Out:

"Middle Age Vaquero"

Somehow, I have a hunch better artwork involves letting go. I have known this since my U of A Art College days, but I never have truly embraced it. It takes courage to do it, and, well, you know. . . Of course, I am enamored of dust, so, there's that.

Daily Whip Out:

"Mickey Free On The Hunt"

   And, if you must see, here I am in today's posting in my sketchbook talking to myself.

Daily Whip Out: "Go Upside Down"

Daily Whip Out: "Black Beauty"

"Big shoes are back again."

—Cornership, "Funky Days Are Back Again"

Night Crawlers

   Here's someone who will definitely turn up in a story about a graveyard shift service station attendant who meets all these weirdos who cross the desert at night.

The Burro Lady

"An old thing becomes new if you detach it from what usually surrounds it."

—Robert Bresson, French film director 

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