Thursday, March 24, 2022

Going Bonkers & Going Coasters

 March 24, 2022

   After getting skunked Monday at my history talk, I drove over to Cattletrack Arts Compound and had a creative meeting with Mark McDowell about our forthcoming book, "Old Vaquero Sayings." While we were looking at some of his rough layouts he asked me what I thought about offering "free coasters" to promote the book. Or, he added, did I think that might be "too cheesy?"

   My honest reply was, "Are you kidding me? That is the funniest come-on I have heard, in a long, long time." I grew up on the glories of S&H Green Stamps and free Blakely tumblers with a tank of gas, so, I actually think Mark's idea is dangerously close to being genius.

Daily Whip Out: "Free Blakely Tumblers"

      When it comes to traditional coaster art, you can't get too cheesy for me. I absolutely love this.

Coyote Wooden Coaster Art

   And, this.

Wood Ducks Wooden Coaster Art

   So, here's Dan The Man's first pass at a Triple B Old Vaquero Coaster Design:

Dan The Man's Coaster Design, Front

Dan The Man's Coaster Design, Back

   As a matter of fact, I think this idea is so good it may just be the ultimate cart before the horse, the tail that wags the dog and the mouse that roared, "Hey, Pendejo! Forget the book—Go coaster, coast to coast!"

"Collect them all!"

 —Proposed punchline to the coaster promo


  1. Announcer: NOW how much would you pay? But wait — there’s MORE!

  2. Brilliant! Where do I go to order mine?


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