Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Wrong Side of History And Jumping On THE Batman Red & Black Bandwagon

 March 13, 2022

  How can you spot the new Batman from all those other Batmans that have come before? Because this one is THE Batman.

Now you know.

  Recently, when I was perusing Instagram looking for artistic inspiration to steal from I started noticing what appears to be a concerted red & black ad campaign for the new film, "The Batman." You know, like the red & black example, above. So, I am wondering. . .

Daily Whip Out: "THE Bob Dalton"

   Then, there's this old school movie marquee version of the poster for "The Batman."

   Hmmmm, I really like that warm, sepia, amber glow. I wonder if. . .

Daily Whip Out:

"The Daltons Ride Straight Into Hell"

   So, where exactly is the wrong side of history? I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but the wrong side of history is where you are sitting right now. If you live long enough you will unfortunately see many of the things you think are right and sacred, turned on their head. A half century ago, Custer was seen as a fallen hero with a monument to mark the spot of his brave passing. Today, his adversaries have the high ground and Custer is seen as a psychopathic, genocidal killer. In the 1950s version of the Alamo, 200-plus brave Americans fought against a ruthless dictator and a shrine is there to mark their sacrifice for freedom. Today, the Awakened view the Alamo defenders as a group of colonizing Americans who fought for the right to have slaves.

   I could go on but I think you can spot the parallels and shifts from top to bottom, from right to left, from up to down. It doesn't matter much which side you are on, or, what you are defending, because, if history has taught me anything it's that nothing changes more than the past.

   I'll leave it to a comedian to sum everything up.

"History is a history of crime. It's a history of people who were stronger beating up people who were weaker and it's always been that. It's deeply, deeply distasteful. But to pretend that one lot were worse than another—you do know the British have been slaves twice, right?"

—John Cleese, going into the teeth of cancel culture reminding the audience in Austin last Friday that the Romans ran roughshod over the English for 400 years, and then the Normans, according to Cleese, did the same for about 30 years. Cleese quipped he wants reparations from Italy. The crowd gasped and the news reports hinted at Cleese being "unmoored." Tell that to the Spanish who were "Moored" for 800 years until they shook off their suppressors, and went on their own multi-century, rampaging, colonization of the Americas.

   I know, I know, this is all way too heavy. That's why I think it's time for a little levity. Here is a cover concept, Stuart, Dan The Man and I are pushing for the fall.

Little Miss Grumpy Head
Is Not Amused

   I don't know about you, but isn't it a tiny bit hilarious that everyone is so unhumorous at this moment in history. I will say this: lighten up everybody, if history is any guide, it's only going to get worse.

"The only thing new in this world is the history you don't know."

—Harry S. Truman


  1. Maybe I'm just a guy who likes dark moods but "The Daltons Ride Straight into Hell" is my cup of tea! That rider looks like he means business...bad business.

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    We'll have to see what our Ph.D. in History son has to say about this.


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