Thursday, March 31, 2022

Lighten Up America! Your Grumpyness Is Getting On My Nerves

 March 31, 2022

   Heading up the hill this afternoon for a fun evening in Flagstaff. Details tomorrow.

  One of my earliest memories is standing in the showroom of Gabby Ford in Swea City, Iowa and telling my grandfather I didn't think cars could get any more modern than the 1954 Ford. He agreed.

1953 Ford Crestline Victoria

   Got a couple new Bozecards on the boards. If you're lucky, you'll get one. Actually, if you ask for one, there is a very good possibility you'll receive one in the mail. They're very expensive to do, but that's the kind of guy I am.

   Speaking of money being no object, I am so tired of the humorlessness of the current moment, I am going to print this proposed cover as a new Bozecard.

Daily Bozecard Whip Out:

"Lighten Up, America!"

(Your grumpiness is getting on my nerves.)

   And speaking of people who can't take a joke.

"Will Smith can't take a joke. Chris Rock can take a punch."

—James Corden


  1. As a True West subscriber I would really like to get one of the "Bozecard-Lighten Up America" cards...Thanks

  2. You got it. Give me your mailing address please and I will send it along.


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