Monday, May 25, 2015

Judging Art & Other Blasphemies

May 25, 2015
  Spent the weekend in Prescott for the 41st annual Phippen Art Show & Festival. On Saturday I was on the jury to name the top three winners in seven catagories and also best of show. Fortunately, I got to share the burden with a sculptor—Ken Rowe—and this guy:

Edmundo Mell and his wife Rose Marie at the Phippen banquet

   The night before, on Friday, we roamed Whiskey Row, having a drink at the Jersey Lilly, above the Palace,  and then catching a co-op art show, where some very talented kids kicked out the jams for tips.

Jammin' for tips on Whiskey Row

   I threw in a five in the tip jar and when we got outside, I asked Kathy what she threw in and she said, "A ten." I had to laugh. It was either the drink we had at the Jersey Lilly, or we both have a soft spot for kids who are out there trying.

   Mark Lee Gardner just shared with me a photo he found online that is pretty amazing if you have ever wondered what Billy the Kid's bibbed shirt with the anchor on it, looks like:

Anchors Away!

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."
—Old bible saying


  1. If you go over to eBay, you can see this tintype for sale..Copy & paste link, below..Rare Antique Civil War Era Southern Man Thin Mustache & Anchor Bib Tintype Photo

  2. I'm Brett Babbitt and I was the buyer on this Anchors Away tintype. I have lot's more Billy the Kid stuff on twitter. Well worth checking out, I promise!

  3. Hello, I'm the buyer for the Anchors Away tintype. I am showing way more on Billy the Kid on twitter under Brett Babbitt. It's worth checking out... I promise.


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