Monday, May 04, 2015

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away!

April 4, 2015
   Woke up to rain this morning. When it gets soggy out, I get inspired. Did a couple studies about this:

Daily Whip Out: "Morning Storm Over Elephant Butte"

Worked on a couple of studies on Sunday, including this one:

 Daily Whip Out: "Cochise In His Prime."

   On my trip up to Mohave County I saw lots of big clouds, both coming and going. Got inspired to do a couple scenes:

Daily Whip Out: "Midnight On The Colorado"

   Grabbed a couple boards out of my reject file and gave them another go, like this one:

Daily Whip Out: "Death Stalks Billy the Kid"

A Serial Monogamist On The March

     We're working on a big Pancho Villa feature for the next issue of True West (July). One of the fascinating aspects of his long and bloody career is his rock star status and lifestyle. Basically, he would lead his army into a small village, find the prettiest young maiden, marry her in the church, have wild sex, then leave the next day and have the priest annul the marriage. He allegedly did this 60 times.

Daily Whip Out: "Mrs. Pancho Villa, I Presume"

"I'm hell on women."
—Pancho Villa, allegedly confessing his bad boy behavior to a friend


  1. All the Federales, they say
    They could have had him any day
    They only let him slip away
    Out of kindness I suppose

    - Townes Van Zandt

  2. That would be one of the most convoluted family trees to ever figure out for some..

  3. How many children were fathered by Pancho Villa?

    BBB, your portrait of the American Indian reminds me of the actor Michael Ansara, who portrayed an Indian many times.


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