Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Weird Al and Chief of Dreams

May 5, 2015
   Woke up today and worked on a couple studies. Here's a board that has been lying around my studio for a couple years, at least.

Daily Whip Out: "Chief of Dreams"

   I also finished another study based n a memory.

Daily Whip Out: "Hualapai Sweeper"

Had a Design Review meeting at ten to go over our Pancho Villa coverage for the July issue. As a passing thought, Meghan Saar mentioned that Weird Al Yankovic is the guest editor of the current issue of Mad magazine. Went to lunch with Dan The Man Harshberger and Wonderful Russ at Pita Jungle down at Desert Ridge. Here's a photo of the three of us taken a couple days ago.

The Zane Bro Crew: BBB, Kathy Sue, Wonderful Russ, WR's ex, Darlene Harshberger, Dan The Man, circa 1978, at Pinnacle Peak Patio in North Scottsdale.

After lunch I went over to Barnes & Noble and bought something I haven't bought since before the above photo was taken:

Mad magazine featuring Weird Al Yankovic as guest editor

This stunt stuff must work, because I went and bought an issue of a magazine I haven't even thought about for two decades (okay, maybe five years, for sure).

Received the newest issue of Bridle & Bit and spread the doubletruck out on my desk:

The May issue of Bridle & Bit, along with some other subjects (and objects) on my mind.

"If the Bible proves that God exists then comic books prove Superman exists."
—Mad magazine logic

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  1. Could Weird Al possibly be a reincarnation of Dr. John H. Holliday?


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