Friday, May 20, 2016

Back On The Tail Trail

May 20, 2016
   working on a couple Mickey Free ideas:

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey Often Sees Faces In The Clouds"

   My Fort Apache friends tell me in the Apache language, "bishahn" is a fallen woman, not necessarily a loose woman, but definitely damaged goods.

The Tail Trail
   "Dammit, how many times have I got to tell you—follow the bishahn!" Al Sieber said, slamming his fist on the table. And so, Mickey did. When the Apache Kid's latest "girlfriend" showed up back at San Carlos loaded down with "graduation presents," Mickey talked to the girl and managed to get a good idea of the area of operations for the outlaw, then simply rode out, plucked a beauty from the closest village and led her up into the mountains where he knew the Kid would "find" her. It wasn't Tinder, but it was damn close.

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey Works The Tail Trail"

    I know. I know. This is rude beyond belief, but in the Sierra Madre this is actually considered the polite way of doing business. Here's what one of our best writers had to say about the lure of the Sierra Madres:

"During the revolution Martin Luis Guzman rode the train through Navojoa and looked over at the Sierra and felt what we all do when we see its green folds rising up off the desert. We all wonder what is up there and in some part of us, that rich part where our mind plays beyond our commands, we all dread and lust for what is up there."
—Charles Bowden, "The Secret forest"

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