Friday, May 20, 2016

Confessions of A Crack Buyer

May 20, 2016
   I have done some stupid things in my life and I was on the radio for ten years.

   But, I repeat myself.

   Someone I know recommended me and everyone in this picture with the possible exception of "Beef Vegan" to be in a Tempe Museum forum called Third Thursday, which came off last night at 7 p.m.  The premise was to discuss Phoenix radio from the early days to today's on-air people.

Pat McMahon and Dennis McBroom were no shows (kidney stones and walking pneumonia were the excuses), but, from left to right, "Beef Vegan" (internet radio dude), Marty Manning, Erika Smith, BBB and Johnny D, more than filled in the gaps and commanded (actually "hijacked" would be a better word) the two hour talk-fest. I, of course, confessed to buying crack cocaine on a show we did called "Black Like Bob," and, although I was prodded from Andy Olson (Radio Free Phoenix), I did not tell the "I've Got A Penis Tonight" story. So, perhaps maturity is in my future? It was a long drive but it was fun. Oh, and the person who got me into all this was some woman named "Carole Compton Glenn"? Anyone know her?

"Everybody. Everybody. Everybody. . .I've got a penis tonight!"
—original song lyrics by Thomas Charles Bell, age 8

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