Friday, July 15, 2016

Mickey Free Gets A Rave, Or Two

July 15, 2016
   Today is the day that Mickey Free hits the newsstand. 

Back to back Mickeys: December 2008—August 2016

Subscribers have been getting the issue all this past week and a few comments have begun to trickle in at the True West World Headquarters:

MAGNIFICENT issue. Gawd, I love it — bought two copies; one to keep and one to carve up into office art. What a home run. If anybody tells you to ease up on the Mickey Free/Chiricahua Apache business, you know what to do.

Plugged it here:   and on Facebook.

I'd love to see more on the Mex Rev, too. Really appreciated the piece on Pascual Orozco.

—Jim Cornelius
Editor, The Nugget Newspaper

And I just got this from a well known author:

This is fabulous what you've done with Mickey Free and this wild and colorful novel right in the middle of your magazine!  You're sure to hear this and that about this leap to fiction, but I think it is great: a rich journal is richer.  You've designed a magazine where you can't open to a page and be transported or wish to go on a trip (or rob a train or steal a horse or at least sleep out in the backyard) and you've only enhanced that imaginative tour with this graphic novel.  I love it.
—Ron Carlson

"This is one of my most favorite issues of TRUE WEST, Bob. And I ain't foolin', neither!"
—Chris Casey, Stillwater, OK

"I really didn't say everything I said."
—Yogi Berra

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