Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monsoon Madness: Day 1

July 26, 2016
   This is the time of year when Zonies with the means flee to higher country. Some go to Prescott (Ed Mell, you lucky dog, I'm looking right at you) or Flag (too many lucky dogs to mention), others go to Colorado to escape the scorching summer heat that squats on us this time of year.

   But for those of us who are too poor to go anywhere, or have jobs that require us to endure the Monsoon Madness on a daily basis (or, in my case, both), the daily torture does have its small  perks. For one thing, we have the most incredible clouds that stack up almost every day.

Daily Whip Out: "Upper Canyon de Chelly Thunderheads Roll In."

    I guess you could call this Monsoon Madness. We certainly get some crazy clouds.

Shelf Cloud #1

Shelf Cloud #2

   If I saw this in a painting I would probably accuse the artist of contrivance, but there that sucker is, piling up like a Tyrannosaurus Rex lunging over Ratcliff Ridge. I have made a vow to do a different Monsoon Madness painting every day until this stifling heat goes away, or I do. Full disclosure: we've got a getaway planned for August 10.

"I've looked at clouds from both sides now."
—Joni Mitchell

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