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Juni Fisher And The Crow Covers

June 5, 2008
   My friend, and recording artist, Juni Fisher, had a concert in west Phoenix on Sunday, so she dropped by the True West World Headquarters today to look at some of my Daily Whip Outs for a possible cover for her new book. Her publisher had a graphics person take one of my abstract patinas that I posted here on my blog and mocked this up for her:

  There is only one problem. I don't think I saved this and my curator, Kristi Jacobs, can't find it in my massive morgue. So, this morning I followed the basic design, above, adding in a crow, based on Juni's description of the plot.

Juni Fisher cover idea #1

   Juni saw this and told me the crow should have a crucifix in his mouth, so I went home after our lunch at El Encanto and did another sky with this added element, plus a lightning version of the protagonist, upper right:

Juni Fisher cover idea #2

And, of course, I couldn't leave well enough alone and took another pass at cover concept #1:

Juni Fisher cover idea #1.5

   I just might suggest that for my tombstone:

"He couldn't leave well enough alone."
—Old Cartoonist Tombstone Epitaph

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