Saturday, June 02, 2018

The Wind And The "Hung" Lion

June 2, 2018
   Spent most of the day working on dust devils, stopping and starting the video that Scottsdale guy posted on Facebook a couple days ago. Once again—praise for Facebook—a very nice piece of art reference for The Duke of Dust:

Daily Whip Out:
"Dust Devil Happy Accident"
(My sketchbook page caught the wind just as I snapped the photo)

Daily Whip Out:
"Fat Dust Devil #2"

   The August issue of True West, featuring the Power brothers story is landing in subscriber's mail boxes even as you read this. I was curious what the founder of the feast—the genius of the genesis—thought about the issue, and I didn't have to wait long:

   "Boze, I've decided not to sue.  Slathering on abounding praise, however justly deserved, tends to soften the emotional pain of privacy invasion by the sensational fake news industry as exposed by The Donald, hero of us racist white guys.  At least you millennial twerps got my name spelled right 30 or 40 times, not something I have been able to do since graduation from Sacaton Day.
"Heidi [Osselaer] sent me a copy so fresh the blood diluted my glass of Geritol and stained my fresh change of support hose.  I fell asleep, but popping a couppla Viagras got me going again.  Who is that freaky-looking dude in the black hat with us on your editor page? [Marshall Trimble]

  "Remember, when your readership craters, as inevitably it will, the Pleasant Valley War will save your lunch.  One clansman we ventilated with buckshot, and then, to make sure, we strung up the corpse.  On an academic note, that was the inspiration of Dedera's Constant: "Most men are hung...few are hanged."
"Terrific issue.  Congrats."
—Don Dedera

   In another email Don mentioned that my blog was "goose-ier" than the book. Against my better judgement, I asked him to clarify, and, well, here you go:

"To goose. v., shove some foreign object up the rectum.  Goosey, comparative adjective, feels like some idiot did that. Goosiey-est, superlative adj., boy, that smarts worse than anything I ever felt! No charge for the grammar lesson.  Last man standing., PVW, DD"

Daily Whip Out:
"Dust Devil Sketch #1"

"Most men are hung. Few are hanged."
—Don Dedera

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  1. Heidi Osselaer4:41 PM

    Maybe you need to provide an illustration to accompany the "goosier" definition.

    Three cheers to Don Dedera--his wit is priceless.


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