Thursday, July 18, 2019

Maynard Dixon's San Francisco Studio Inspired Me

July 18, 2019
   In the mid-1970s I used to hang out in Old Town Scottsdale at Abe Hay's shop on Main Street. I was there to gawk at all the cool paintings and saddles and Old West gear. Once when I was there I saw a painting on the wall that stunned me.

Maynard Dixon: "Cloud World"

   I seem to remember the painting was for sale for $225,000 which I thought was reasonable, but out of my reach. This evolved into studying the life of Maynard Dixon and stumbling across this photograph.

Maynard Dixon in his San Francisco Studio

   I made a vow to someday have a studio like this. It became a lifelong quest for me, and in 1986, we built our house out in the desert north of Cave Creek and I insisted on a wall in my studio to emulate the Maynard Dixon wall.

BBB Caricature of Maynard Dixon

   Here's what it looks like today.

BBB's Studio Mimics Maynardo's

   Yes, that's the one and only Abe Hays who I knew would appreciate seeing my Maynard Dixon inspired studio today.

BBB's Studio Mimics Maynardo's #2

   The new postcards for my next book are in.

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   By the way, the painting "Cloud World" is worth $10 million dollars today.

"Everything you want is on the other side of fear."
—Old Vaquero Saying


"I have no fear, no fear at all. I wake up, and I have no fear. I go to bed without fear. Fear, fear, fear, fear. Yes, 'fear' is a word that is not in my vocabulary."
—Steve Martin

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