Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More Knucklehead Imagery

July 23, 2019
   Got some rain last night. Got out on the road early to avoid the heat and ran into this sight:

First Light on Ratcliff Ridge

   So, coming back from visiting Bill Ahrendt's art studio on Sunday, Sherry Monahan begged me ("Please Daddy! Pretty Please!") to stop at an antique store in Pine and I reluctantly agreed. We went in and I immediately buy a framed Maynard Dixon print ($35) and she leaves with nothing. Ha.

   Here's another one of my purchases:

Emery Kolb gets the shot

   Picked up this photograph in Pine of one of my knucklehead heroes, Emory Kolb, seen here hanging out (literally!) at the Grand Canyon in 1905. I met Emory in 1974 when he was in his nineties. Crazy guy. Love him.

   Speaking of hat styles, got this from the Top Secret Writer this morning:

First issue of Famous Westerns magazine

   According to the Top Secret Writer it was a Mad magazine knockoff.

"That's not funny, that's gross!"
—Old School Girl Saying

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