Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Geronimo Round Up

July 23, 2019
   We are rounding up so many great Geronimo photos, I have added another 16 page signature to the book. And, as the images mount up, you can surely tell he was much more complicated than the poster boy for Homeland Security. Or, even as a Freedom Fighter Saint. He was called a "human tiger" and a "bloodthirsty fiend" for a reason. And, at the same time, he loved his cat and always left out a saucer of milk for his tabby.

Geronimo saddling up for a parade
in Ponca City, Oklahoma

   Ponca City is near the headquarters of the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch where another famous photograph was taken of the G-Man.

A Dan The Man concept cover

Geronimo's Translucent Eyes, 1905

   Just got this Fly card from Dr. John Langellier:

Check out what it says on the back:

Address all orders to C.S. Fly,
 Tombstone, Arizona

   And thanks to Lynda Sanchez and Michael Farmer, we have scored this postcard photograph of Geronimo's house at Fort Still, Oklahoma.

Photo by Jack Keeans, 1909

   He may have lived out his life in Oklahoma, but his heart belonged to his homeland.

"There is no climate or soil which, to my mind, is equal to that of Arizona."

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