Saturday, October 03, 2020

Kid On The Wagon Train

 October 3, 2020

   Tracking down all the loose ends for the reprise. The trick is to get it all in. Not easy, but I'm getting there.

Daily Whip Out: "Kid On A Wagon Train"

   Actually, he's THAT Kid: Henry McCarty, AKA, Kid Antrim, AKA Billy the Kid.

Daily Whip Out: "PDL Girl"

Daily Whip Out: "Kid's Last Run"

An article appeared in the Weekly New Mexican (Santa Fe), January 17, 1880: "Billy Bonney, more extensively known as ‘The Kid’, shot and killed Joe Grant. The origin of the difficulty was not learned.”

   If you get the new book you will learn exactly what happened.

"Art brings truth to the lies of history."

—Carlos Fuentes

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