Sunday, January 01, 2023

A New Year's Goal And A New Appreciation

 January 1, 2023

    It is a very wet New Year's Day. We stayed close to the fireplace most of the day. 

   Wet and soggy out. Did go for a walk in the light rain around two.

   That's Kathy Sue coming back from her walk and Uno is galloping out to meet her. Got back just in time as it really started coming down.

A Modest Goal by An Immodest Media Hound

  My goal for 2023 is to get over myself. I agree with John Le Carre who says he dislikes book tours and interviews. He calls them "making bird noises." Too true for school. As part of my rededication to being less a media hound I intend to stop obsessing over every slight and put down I have ever received. I am also going to strive to stop yearning for some high-school-teenage version of success. And, whenever possible, I am going to just enjoy, or, at least appreciate, whatever time is left of this long and crazy ride. Three good friends of mine did not make it to this new year and I intend to honor them by not squandering the extra time and the opportunity. And I will thank all three of them, in person, somewhere down the road.

Bugs, Wendell & Jan at the Twenty Year

Reunion for the MCUHS Class of 1964

Good to know

   A half day into the new year, thanks to my smart phone, here's how I am ranking as opposed to all of last year.

   In spite of our steps, or our metered calory burning, the story ends the same.

"You Got Me!"

   If I had to guess, I'd say he was probably making bird noises.

“Those of you who are frequent flyers will have noticed that we have not yet left the gate. That’s because the machine we use to rip the handles and wheels off of your bags is broken, and the baggage handlers are having to do that by hand. Hopefully they’ll be done soon and we can be on our way.”

—David Ross, quoting a memorable pilot explaining a delay in Charlotte ten years ago


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Life it seems hurries to be more complicated daily. Simple is a lost word among many.

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I always preferred the ripped off by hand method on my luggage. Reminds me of the old stagecoach days.
    Wonderful Goals Bob!

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Was John le Carré a good MI6 officer? Did his MI6 pals know of his links to the Kray Brothers? Did he ever cross Monty, Philby’s cousin? Were Pemberton’s People in MI6 who featured in #TheBurlingtonFiles and their SAS mates his friends or foes? See


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