Friday, January 06, 2023

Nipton On The Block Again, Jesse On The Brink

 January 6, 2023

    Just saw in the Wall Street Journal that one of my favorite wide spots in the road, Nipton, California has been sold to Spiegelworld, a Las Vegas-based theater company that specializes in adult-themed acrobatic performances. The stated price was $2.5 million for the 80 acre plot with a dozen-or-so quirky residents.

Nipton Memories

   Meanwhile, on the Jesse James front:

Daily Whip Out:

"Jesse The Blue-Eyed Bucaneer"

   Got another set piece I have been noodling for about five days. Not finished, has potential. I might request that on my tombstone.

Daily Whip Out:

"A Tornado of Deceit"

"History is the sympton, we are the disease."

—Mao Tse Tung

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  1. Bob ... You gave ruptured the space/time continuum again. You have not only captured the historic setting and simulation but also the legendary/fantasy aspects. I would suggest a cover but there is no room to cover over ...


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