Thursday, January 26, 2023

An Ass Movie Excites Me

 January 26, 2023

   I'm very interested in a new movie about an ass. Seriously.


   One of the reasons why I am so interested is that over the past several years, I've been noodling a Mula Suprema, who Mickey Free calls "Tu" which is Spanish for "you."

Daily Whip Out: "All Mighty Tu"

   He is very big and powerful (18 hands high) and, of course, he is stubborn and ornery (he eats hats). He has also been used and abused, but he has a big heart and a tenacity that is, well stubborn as a, well, you know.


   It's cold out! Thank goodness I have this oldtime contraption in my studio.

My Big Bug Creek Studio Stove

working overtime

"Gags come naturally when the comic structure calls for them. Concentrate on Turning Points. For each action first ask, 'What's the opposite of that?' then take it a step farther to 'What's off-the-wall from that?' Spring gaps of comic surprise—write a funny story."

—Robert McKee

The Lapdog

   Once there was an old couple who thought they were getting a small, companion dog but when the puppy they chose grew into a medium-sized pony, they refused to admit their mistake and continued treating him like a lapdog. It took a court order and a crane to remove the dog, but the old fart in the chair still wouldn't admit to being wrong.

The Lapdog and his favorite Cushion

"It may be hot and smells bad, but at least there’s nothing to do!"

—Mad Coyote Joe, describing the time he spent in Maricopa

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