Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Jesse James Cleaned Up & Kudos to A Childhood Dream

 January 11, 2023

   Oh, behold the wonder of Photoshop trickery. I asked Dan The Man to clean up the photograph of Jesse Woodson James that has been damaged and take out the crack that runs through Jesse James' face so I can paint on it and create a new image of the lad and look what that Kingman boy did.

The teenaged Jesse without the face blemish.

Here's what it looked like before Dan's schmoozing.

Cracks in the face and facade

   Wait until you see what I am going to do with that. Now, if you think it's wrong to "fix" a photo that is damaged, I have this to say: We're not trying to fool anyone, and we're not claiming this is a "new find" to try and sell it, but we are saying art is whatever you can get away with. Plus, I am going to paint a new version of this for the book I am going to do on the tragic Rebel.

Meanwhile. . .

"I sincerely appreciate what you and your staff do with the magazine. The truth as I see it is your heart, soul and art have made True West into a version of yourself and your childhood dreams. Thanks for letting us dream with you." 
—Brad Ireland (Just another dreamer)
Minneapolis, Minnesota


  1. "Tragic rebel"? Good God, he was a vicious psychopath! Maybe for your next issue you could do "The glorious life and times of John Wayne Gacy."

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Excellent job. I think it's great to have technology to perform this. We're not changing history, just providing an accurate enhancement


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