Friday, January 20, 2023

Fading Jesse James & Mark Lee Gardner Bonus Track

 January 20, 2023

   When you live as long as I have, you have a tendency to remember all the stupid things you have done and somehow survived them. So many did not. What is THAT all about?

Daily Whip Out: "Jesse James Faded"

   Sorry, that's not gonna cut it. Needs some riders at the bottom and some blood. The guy was conflicted and he was a killer. It's got to have some angst

Daily Whip Out: "Jesse James Conflicted"

   Speaking of Jesse James, I received Mark Lee Gardner's Outlaws CD with his classic cut on Jesse James.

And here's a peek inside.

Stone Cold Killers

Cole Younger, Robert Ford & Mark Lee Gardner

And, here's the cut in question:

   Jesse James

"I was tremendously lucky, surviving injury, illness and stupidity."

—David Crosby (1941-2023)

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  1. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I first heard this song in the early 60s on a Kingston Trio album (big fan of John Stewart then and now). I think the song itself goes back to the early 1920s.


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