Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010
Had a very nice weekend. Went to a movie at Camelview 5 yesterday for Mother's Day ($21 for three tickets). Saw that 4.5 star foreign Oscar winner with "Eyes" in the title. What is it, "Something In Their Eyes"? in Spanish, with subtitles. Of course, I'm the only guy in the family who has to read the subtitles. Deena and Tomas are fluent speakers and Kathy is well versed. Great chase sequence in a soccer stadium. Very fluid and remarkable. Afterwards we got pizza in Old Town Scottsdale ($56 my biz account).

Worked most of the weekend on the facial likeness for the diggers and the anti-diggers in the Billy dig:

If you know the players you might recognize a face or two. Hint: that's Bill Richardson at bottom, left. Ha. Needs work, but I like his crazed look as he eyes the Kid's bones. Arrrrgggg!

Meanwhile, got the inspiration to add a boulder heaving woman to the mix:

And I'm still playing with Billy's face, after being underground for 130 years:

Haunting, no?

"These are grave matters."
—BBB, from the forthcoming book The Fine Art of Becoming A Fine Artist

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